Giulio Accorroni, founder of IMT

Fabio Accorroni

Fabio Accorroni testing IMT rig model 75 G


IMT is founded by Giulio Accorroni.


The first innovative hydraulic drill rig (model 75 type G) is patented. Capable of drilling up to a depth of 30 meters (best market performance at the time)


The Accorroni family buys 100% of IMT shares and Giulio Accorroni is appointed IMT’s sole Director.


Fabio Accorroni (Giulio’s first son) dies in an accident and Andrea Accorroni, his younger brother and current IMT President, takes over IMT management.


The company introduces the 805 model, which soon becomes very successful and used for big construction projects, such as the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain.


New innovative models are launched (i.e., sound-proof machine and model AF12, assembled on a crawler base completely produced by IMT).


Beginning of co-operation with Caterpillar (CAT): IMT starts assembling drill rigs on CAT bases (IMT is the first drill rig manufacturer to do this; other manufacturers will soon follow the example); IMT starts a distribution agreement in North America and Canada for its drill rigs mounted on CAT bases through the CAT dealer in Miami, Kelly Tractor Company In the same period, the technology for driven piles used in the U.S. until then starts moving towards the European piling system and the drilling equipment demand in the US market for all European manufacturers starts growing. 


IMT produces the AF50, the biggest drill rig in the world at the time, and sells no. 7 units to the Japanese multi-national company Sumitomo. Giulio and Andrea Accorroni are invited in Osaka for a lecture on the technical characteristics of the rig. The lecture is attended by the owners/directors of the biggest Japanese construction companies. 


IMT patents an innovative drilling system related to highly seismic grounds, the “Multi Rotary driven Soil Mixing Pile”.


IMT increases its production range and doubles its sales.

Andrea Accorroni, current President of


IMT reacts to the global economic crisis by launching 2 new product lines in the market with traditional technology (the “AG” series, assembled on HITACHI base, and the “A” series, mounted on IMT base), and completes the first prototype of drill rig for seismic grounds, the AF460 model, which uses the patented “Multi Rotary driven Soil Mixing Pile” system. The prototype is presented at BAUMA 2010, the most important international exhibition for construction machinery. The complete production range is developed thereafter.


IMT AGM appoints a new Board of Directors.


IMT develops the prototypes for the full range of the AF series drilling rigs with Tier 4 eninges, as well as the newly-born A125 and A150 models, mounted on IMT base and powered by CAT.


IMT upgrades the A-series machines with new engines and design, and develops its own particular water well technology system.


The new AF-series machines, mounted on CAT bases with Tier 4 Final eninges are developed and lauched into the market, as well as a brand new range of A-series rigs with Tier 3 engines, completely designed and developed by IMT.


The brand new range of A-series rigs with new engines of last generation, completely designed and developed by IMT, is launched into the market.


With its AF280 model, IMT has significantly contributed to the reconstruction of Ground Zero in New York City, NY, U.S.A.


IMT has carried out all piling jobs at the
Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain


As a company, IMT has an exclusive and constant goal:
the achievement of quality. Designing and engineering drilling rigs takes a thorough understanding of foundation jobs. Engineering expertise was attained through decades of worldwide drilling experience and listening to industry needs, which makes up IMT power and strength.

A team of mechanical engineers and skilled technician are today the core of IMT Research & Development Department. Highly qualified personnel that uses the most technologically advanced instruments to study every single element of each rig and to carry out all necessary structural controls. The use of specific software programs guarantees the maximum safety in the use of our products by the customers, as well as a production and assembling standard of the highest quality.

Each year, IMT invests a substantial portion of its revenue into technological Research and Development. Engineers listen to the needs of the customer, and respond by improving technology to meet the demands of the ever changing drill industry.
The continuous improvement in technology and performance of IMT hydraulic drill rigs is the result of such a policy. IMT is renowned for the construction of reliable, high quality machines you can trust.

IMT growth does not end with company-customer relations. Company growth, a factor of prime importance which involves the increase of sales of IMT drilling rigs to customers, is also accompanied by the development and growth of a specific area. In fact, it is not only this that makes us proud.
It is the triangle of growth we make possible: Company-Customer-Area.

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